The best home theater devices and accessories: soundbars, Sonos, speakers, and more
soundbars, Sonos, speakers, and more » | #Tech Gadgets #news

Love listening to music or watching movies? Then you know that the audio quality can make or break the overall experience. To help eradicate distortions, poor dialogue quality, and a lack of bass, we scoured the internet for the best home theatre devices you can add to your setup. Continue reading to explore our top […]

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Here are the best webcams you can buy for your virtual work-from-home setup in 2021
Here are the best webcams you can buy for your virtual work-from-home setup in 2021 » | #Tech Gadgets #news

Elevate your workspace and videoconferences with a new webcam. If you work from home regularly, you likely have to endure video calls with coworkers. And you can improve this experience and enhance the video quality with a high-tech webcam that automatically adjusts to your lighting, beautifies your face, distills noise, and more. In today’s Daily […]

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Microsoft Windows update cycle arrows with overlay a laptop and mobile phone.
6 zero-days make this a ‘Patch Now’ Patch Tuesday | Computer

Microsoft this week pushed out 50 updates to fix vulnerabilities across both the Windows and Office ecosystems. The good news is that there are no Adobe or Exchange Server updates this month. The bad news is that there are fixes for six zero-day exploits, including a critical update to the core web rendering (MSHTML) component […]

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This sustainable toothbrush makes your personal hygiene routine easier on the environment
Doop head-removable & washable toothbrush | #Tech Gadgets #news

Want to take care of your oral hygiene in an eco-friendly way? It’s possible with this head-removable & washable toothbrush. This cool new toothbrush looks great on your bathroom sink and features both recycled and recyclable materials. Also, it comes with FDA-approved bristles and ensures an excellent clean. Keep reading this blog post to see […]

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Apple, Mac, IOS, Security, Truce
Securing the Apple mobile enterprise takes context | Computer

Apple’s prescence has expanded from being the brand behind a few Macs in the creative department; it is now a key mobile and productivity provider across every top enterprise. But even Apple’s platforms face security challenges as people work remotely. I caught up with Truce Software CEO Joe Boyle to discuss Apple in the workplace […]

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evolution technology digital transformation disruption growth
The needed evolution of videoconferencing | Computer

Disclosure: Many of the vendors mentioned are clients of the author. I’ve been covering videoconferencing long enough to watch three significant efforts in the 1980s, ‘90s, and 2000s fail spectacularly for pretty much the same two reasons: proprietary hardware and software and too little interoperability.  You wouldn’t buy a cell phone from that only connected […]

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Podcast: WWDC 2021 recap: iPadOS overview, enterprise improvements and unnannounced iOS 15 features
Podcast: WWDC 2021 recap: iPadOS overview, enterprise improvements and unnannounced iOS 15 features | Computer

Hosts Juliet Beauchamp and Ken Mingis talk with guests about the latest tech trends and news. Audio Apple announced updates to its operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS and macOS at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday. iPadOS has new productivity features, but do the updates justify the company’s decision to put an M1 chip […]

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Take a look at the coolest cryptocurrency accessories of 2021 to keep your crypto secure
Take a look at the coolest cryptocurrency accessories of 2021 to keep your crypto secure » | #Tech Gadgets #news

Cryptocurrency wallets provide a digital solution to managing your crypto assets. These wallets allow you to spend, receive, and trade Bitcoin and other types of currencies. But not all digital wallets are alike, as standard ones support only a single cryptocurrency whereas others can provide multiasset solutions. In today’s Daily Digest, we’re presenting you with […]

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Apple, developers, WWDC, Mac, iPhone, iOS, iCloud, iCloud+
WWDC: Why iCloud+ will help secure the enterprise | Computer

One of the biggest surprises of WWDC 2021 was Apple’s introduction of iCloud+, an upgraded version of its existing service available at no additional charge that provides secure emailing and VPN-style security for users. iCloud just became a useful business tool The introduction of these features will transform iCloud into a very useful remote business […]

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istock 458300699
5 Ways Microsoft Can Improve the User Experience | Computer

Microsoft has revolutionized work for decades now. It’s thanks to them in part that so many organizations have continued to function despite the chaos of a global pandemic. Modern knowledge workers rely on Windows devices to communicate, collaborate, and simply work from anywhere; they are the backbone for the modern digital workplace. Indeed, research tells […]

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Apple, Mac, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, monterey, iPadOS 15, Universal Control
WWDC: Universal Control on the Mac and iPad explained | Computer

I’ve always found it frustrating that I’ve been unable to use the same mouse and keyboard to control both computers when working across an iPad and a Mac simultaneously. Soon, I’ll be able to do precisely that thanks to a new feature called Universal Control, which Apple introduced this week at WWDC 2021. What is Universal Control? […]

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Data recovery on binary background
The ins and outs of data recovery in Windows 10 | Computer

Sadly, there are many reasons why data stored on disk drives in Windows 10 can — and sometimes does — go missing. As someone who’s used Windows 10 since the day after the first Technical Preview appeared on October 14, 2014, I’ve been through at least half a dozen different data recovery incidents over the […]

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gmail for business
Gmail for business: The best tips, time-savers, and advanced advice | Computer

Warning: If you’re still using your inbox in its out-of-the-box state, you’re almost certainly missing out on some promising possibilities. Gmail has the potential to be a finely tuned, thoroughly polished framework for email-handling efficiency. The service is practically overflowing with helpful features and interface-enhancing opportunities. But by default, many of its best options and […]

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Apple, developers, WWDC, Mac, iPhone, iOS
WWDC: Apple digs deep to secure its platforms | Computer

Apple’s WWDC announcements included plenty for enterprise professionals. One area that deserves  particular attention relates to the variety of privacy improvements the copany is making, because they offer significant benefits for the security conscious. Putting you in control of your data The main thrust of Apple’s recent work on privacy is information. The argument is that […]

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Apple, iOS, MacOS, Xcode, iPhone, mobile, security, XcodeGhost
WWDC 2021: 20+ improvements for enterprise pros | Computer

Apple’s WWDC 2021 announcements lacked the edge of last year’s Apple Silicon announcement, and the sad lack of MacBook Pro news is a tough pill to swallow for those hoping for new hardware.  But there was plenty of interesting news for enterprise professionals using Macs, iPads, and/or iPhones. Here’s a short tour of what CEO […]

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Android Privacy
Note to IT: Google really wants its privacy settings left alone | Computer

The biggest difference in business models between mobile giants Google and Apple is that Apple sells hardware and software whereas Google sells information. So when Apple makes a big play out of protecting privacy—such as pushing back against encryption backdoors and government subpoenas—it’s relatively easy for them. That’s not primarily how they make money. Google, […]

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Why inquisitiveness matters as much as IQ
Why inquisitiveness matters as much as IQ | Computer

Tiger Woods and Roger Federer took very different paths to the pinnacle of success in their sports. Woods was a golf prodigy who was beating adults at the game at age five and who broke 70 on a regulation golf course before he was a teenager. In contrast, Federer experimented with soccer, basketball, and various […]

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A guide to getting first-party data from your customers | Computer

With the recent rise in data privacy, it’s only going to become more difficult for marketers to get the info they need for successful targeting and segmenting. The EU’s introduction of GDPR brought this topic to the mainstream several years ago, and since then all eyes have been on data – how it’s acquired, used, shared, and […]

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Apple, Tim Cook, mobile, remote work, hybrid workplace models
Apple to try new hybrid workplace model for a year | Computer

Apple appears to be making a reluctant effort to embrace remote working after COVID-19 wanes, according to a memo shared with workers from CEO Tim Cook. Three steps forward, two steps back We know Apple prefers a highly traditional presence-based working environment. Despite this, it was forced to begin working remotely during the pandemic, and its staffers […]

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gmail for business briefcase by Feline17 via pixabay
The business user’s guide to Gmail | Computer

Gee whiz, Gmail sure isn’t like most other email services. It’s easy to forget — since for lots of us at this point, getting around Google’s email environment has basically become second nature. But if you’re just getting started, especially if you’re coming from a more traditional email program like Outlook, getting used to Gmail […]

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Mozilla Firefox browser logo against a background of abstract blue and orange smoke.
What’s in the latest Firefox update? 89 debuts UI overhaul, Mozilla hopes to win back defectors | Computer

Mozilla on Tuesday upgraded Firefox to version 89, debuting a new look that the company said is “designed to win you back” to the open-source browser. The organization’s engineers also patched nine vulnerabilities, two of those labeled “High,” Firefox’s second-most-serious label. Three of the nine were found only in the Android edition of the browser, […]

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Our favorite HomeKit-compatible smart home gadgets make your household more connected
Our favorite HomeKit-compatible smart home gadgets make your household more connected » | #Tech Gadgets #news

You can control HomeKit-compatible devices with Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. By using voice commands, you can effortlessly communicate with your smart home devices without having to leave your seat. This privilege opens up a world of wonders, such as making your smart home gadgets more cohesive and your life a little easier. Looking for the […]

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ipad pro m1
When is a cybersecurity hole not a hole? Never | Computer

In cybersecurity, one of the more challenging issues is deciding when a security hole is a big deal, requiring an immediate fix or workaround, and when it’s trivial enough to ignore or at least deprioritize. The tricky part is that much of this involves the dreaded security by obscurity, where a vulnerability is left in […]

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CSO > Hands together in a huddle / teamwork / collaboration / empathy
8 Outlook add-ins to enhance collaboration | Computer

As you compose, read, and respond to emails during your work day, you probably find yourself jumping from your inbox to other apps and back. For example, your team might use Trello, Dropbox, Slack, or another collaboration platform where projects are tracked, files are stored, or team conversations take place. If you use Microsoft Outlook, […]

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This smart AI-powered massage gun is a thoughtful gift to buy your dad for Father’s Day
Urikar AT1 smart AI-powered massage gun | #Tech Gadgets #news

Does your dad complain about his tired back and sore muscles? Give the man who’s always been there for you something that can actually help him out: a smart AI-powered massage gun. This cool gadget senses tight spots and automatically adjusts its pressure to relieve them. Plus, it’s easy to use. Keep reading this blog […]

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Apple, Jamf, Azure, Microsoft, iOS, iPad OS, iPad, iPhone
Jamf updates target enterprise iPad and iPhone sharing | Computer

Answering a genuine enterprise need, Jamf has launched a preview of cloud-based software that should make it easier to share iOS devices, such as iPads, within teams. Making iPad and iPhone sharing better This is a long-needed solution for many businesses, as existing tools to share iPads are imperfect and require constant logins to the […]

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Chrome OS Features
Chrome OS expands its operating system reach | Computer

It’s been over 10 years now since Chrome OS redefined the desktop operating system. While virtual desktops have been around since the days we used VT-102 terminals to run Unix shells from distant mainframes and minicomputers, Google’s Chrome OS showed us that we could run modern GUI-style desktops from the cloud. That part is still […]

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The ultimate laptop buyer’s guide for gamers to bring your games to the next level
The ultimate laptop buyer’s guide for gamers to bring your games to the next level » | #Tech Gadgets #news

Love to game? Then you need a laptop that doesn’t compromise. Designed with powerful graphics, exceptional audio, impressive displays, and entertainment features, gaming laptops set the bar pretty high. In today’s Daily Digest, we showcase the top 10 gaming laptops of 2021, along with a special gaming gadget at the end, that even double as […]

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The best Apple gadgets and accessories to buy in 2021: stands, cases, chargers, etc.
stands, cases, chargers, etc. » | #Tech Gadgets #news

When it comes to tech, Apple is in a league of its own. From smartphones and laptops to EDC gear and headphones, Apple has everything that tech lovers need. In today’s blog, we round up the top 10 Apple gadgets to purchase right now. They’ll enhance your productivity or simply add more joy to your […]

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hands hold a string of lightbulbs hands at sunset / ideas / brainstorming / invention / innovation
CIO Think Tank Roadmap Report: Reinventing IT | Computer

In March and April 2021, CIO held a series of CIO Think Tank discussions—virtual roundtables that brought together 36 IT leaders to unpack one of the most important issues in the enterprise today: IT reinvention. These discussions aimed to identify key issues in reinventing IT to meet today’s rapidly evolving business requirements, and offer a […]

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Apple, developers, WWDC, Mac, iPhone, iOS
WWDC 2021: It’s all about the chips | Computer

No matter which way you slice it, WWDC 2021 will be all about the chips — the power, the potential, and the opportunity. Everything else the company talks about at its developer event depends on these processors. Developers, developers, developers Apple will be speaking chiefly to developers at the event. It will want to reassure them that […]

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The 'gig economy' is a two-way street
The ‘gig economy’ is a two-way street | Computer

Last fall marked my 15th year of self-employment. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. And a lot of people seem to agree, judging by the raging popularity of contingent labor—otherwise known as the “gig economy” workforce. Gig workers give employers unprecedented flexibility in marshaling human resources, but to maximize value, companies need to think […]

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The best noise-canceling headphones that you can buy now to help you stay focused
The best noise-canceling headphones that you can buy now to help you stay focused » | #Tech Gadgets #news

Looking for new headphones to enhance your favorite songs? Then noise-canceling models make a great choice. ANC keeps background noise at a minimum so you can escape from conversations, loud traffic, and other environmental factors. In today’s blog, we’re sharing the top 10 noise-canceling headphones you can buy right now. The world can be full […]

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Teams cross-platform integrations
Microsoft Teams gets Fluid components, ‘main stage’ meeting app integrations | Computer

Microsoft unveiled new Teams features at its Build virtual conference this week designed to enhance employee collaboration and productivity, with deeper app integrations for video meetings and new co-editing features among the changes. Together, the moves are aimed at expanding Teams as a platform for work, said Angela Ashenden, a principal analyst at CCS Insight, […]

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Google unveiled its upcoming Android
Google unveiled its upcoming Android | #Gadgets

Google just held their annual developer conference, Google I/O 2021. The company skipped I/O last year so there’s a lot to catch up on. Among the many more or less interesting news from the technology giant Google, the new version of Android is the one that interests the most. There are over 3 billion smartphones […]

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Gboard Android Text Trick
A sanity-saving typing trick for Gboard on Android | Computer

I love me some Gboard. Google’s virtual keyboard is fast, accurate, and filled with genuinely useful features for hassle-free tappin’ and swipin’ from virtually any Android phone. But, well, let’s face it: Everyone’s typing needs are a little bit different. Some of us use tildes with abandon, while others hunt for that blasted buried percent […]

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Keep your business aligned remotely with Cloud ERP solutions | Computer

The past year has presented businesses of all sizes with a series of new challenges. Interrupted supply chains, stunted demand, and, most importantly, fully remote workforces compelled businesses to get more creative than ever to stay productive and in the black. Many are still struggling. If your business is navigating outdated technology and siloed information […]

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fintech electronic payments banking dollars euros pounds yen by metamorworks gettyimages 1127063674
What’s next for Fintech, and how banks can leverage new-wave technologies to deliver superior services to all | Computer

The Fintech sector has experienced a period of rapid growth over the past year. As noted by the World Bank, with the exception of lending, digital financial services grew across the board, particularly in emerging markets. According to the report, Fintech is seen as the pathway to affordable financial services, which is critical for both […]

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Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPhone 12, tips
10 helpful iPhone tips to use at work | Computer

Building back better (as US President Joe Biden might put it), exploring the new normal, and rolling out the digital transformation of all we do at work takes time. These iPhone tips may help you save a little time along the way so you can focus on those larger issues. Send your location Messages has […]

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Clearcover makes switching car insurance an absolute breeze | Computer

As you already know, digital transformation plays a necessary role in disrupting traditional ways of doing business. It also creates value for companies and customers alike. After all, many brands would rather invest more of their resources into delivering quality products and services than deal with the inefficiencies typical of analog business practices. Much in the same […]

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Android 12 Privacy
Android 12’s quietly important privacy progress | Computer

This year, for the first time in a long time, it’s easy to glance at Google’s latest Android effort and focus mostly on the surface. Android 12’s most striking element is without a doubt the overhauled look and feel it brings to the operating system (even if realistically, Pixel owners are the only ones who’ll […]

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 / IE11 / Microsoft Edge / browser search bar / laptop user
Microsoft sets IE’s date with death — kind of | Computer

Microsoft has spelled out its plans to retire the venerable Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser from widespread use in a little over a year. “The future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge,” asserted Sean Lyndersay, an Edge program manager, asserted in a May 19 post to a company blog. “With Microsoft […]

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5 free ways to get better business security
5 free ways to get better business security | Computer

Ransomware to the left of you, malware to the right—what’s a small business stuck in the middle to do? We all know that securing your company isn’t easy or cheap. As Christopher Krebs, former director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and Matthew Masterson, former CISA Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, both recently pointed […]

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Microsoft Windows update cycle arrows with overlay a laptop and mobile phone.
An ‘underwhelming’ Windows 10 21H1 arrives | Computer

Last week I detailed easy ways to block Windows 10 21H1 from installing on your machine. And this latest update isn’t without issues —Microsoft has highlighted known problems that not only affect 21H1, but 20H2 and 2004, too: 5.1 Dolby Digital audio may contain a high-pitched noise or squeak in some apps when using specific audio […]

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Computerworld Cheat Sheet  >  Microsoft Outlook 2016
Outlook 2016 and 2019 cheat sheet | Computer

The pundits would have you believe that email is being supplanted by texting, social media, chat apps like Slack, and direct communications software such as Skype and Google Hangouts Meet. Don’t believe them. Email is still big, the mainstay of workplace communications. And for countless users, email means Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft sells its Office suite […]

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