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If you can’t run in a direction to goal, then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl | #Sports



If you can't run in a direction to goal, then walk, if you can't walk then crawl

Many people say that winning is not the most important, they say the journey and courage to participate is more important.

I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with that.

There is just one goal in any kind of competition – to be on top.

The feel of a win after all sacrifices is priceless.

Nothing can beat that!

For some, my story is inspiring. For others, it is a lesson of life. For me, it is the story of my life.

I love competition and I love to compete.

Any kind of competition is a place where you will find out who has done the best job behind a closed door, there are no skipped reps or late evenings, you can’t fool, anyone there. 

My dad put me on a motorbike at the age of 2.5 years. At age of 7, I was the top youngster in Europe.

At 10, I was the youngest amateur in Eastern Europe that had sponsorship from Suzuki.

Then I had a big spine injury that was a death sentence to motocross racing.

At 12, I went to ice hockey and at 16 I was in the yearbook as the best defenseman of the age.

After that, I got the chance to go back to racing motocross.

This time in quad motocross.

I got a sponsorship deal from Honda in the second year back on the bike.

After a year, I damaged my spine again while getting ready for the European Quadcross championships.

I got few TOP10 finishes and damaged my spine forcing me never to go back racing.

After all of this, I felt pretty empty and even tried MMA, which was not so bad, except that I had a glass chin and it is a no-no for that kind of sport.

Fast forward a few years and I got into a near-fatal car accident – had 27 surgeries in a 2.5-year span.

Lost muscles, bones, blood vessels, knee tissues on one leg, amputated another leg under the knee, don’t have triceps in the right arm, don’t have elbow bone in the right arm and have plates and screws in all of my body, and have partly movement on my right shoulder.

Fast forward I’m back in some kind of health and now I am Team Latvia paralympic academic rower.

Missed the chance to Paralympic games last week, but there’s still Paris in 2024.

There are chances all around in any situation.

I’ve never would even dream of the chance to go Olympics or now Paralympics, but in some bad situations, there can be great ones too.

You only need to have a goal and you will find a way to it. 

My motto and advice to all who are reading this.

Never back down. Never ever back down.

If you can’t run in a direction to goal, then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, if you can’t crawl then lay down in direction of your goal and breath towards it and manifest it and if you do it enough sooner or later you’ll get there!

Remember you’re a beast and you can do it all!


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A loan is taken to participate in championship | #Sports




A loan is taken to participate in championship

In 2012, for Asian Championship in China, trials were happening and I was told by my coach to participate in trials.

Surprisingly, I was selected in trails!

Dreams came true.

Camps were held and we gave our best again. My fathers took a loan and send me to participate in trials.

Nobody from my entire family had ever gone abroad.

 I’m the first one!

All of them were happy.

So, the day came when we have to leave for the championship.

The night before the travel, my father met with an accident.

I was not told about this.

His leg was fully fractured.

When this came to my knowledge, I insisted to my mother that I will cancel my travel.

However, she told that it was a minor injury and he will get healed in the course of time.

Dad too insisted that it is just a little sprain and I should prepare myself for the travel.

It was my first experience to travel outside India and it’s something I can’t explain the feeling to represent my country.

Well, all didn’t go well there.

No medals we received!

Our whole team cried a lot at that time.

In that despair, we came back to India. When I reached back home, I was in utter shock.

Dad’s leg was totally fractured.

Still, he said: “Don’t worry, I’m fine!”

However, hearing that we have not received any medal, he sympathized and told to focus more on practice.

It was a time of great sorrow for us.

I can never forget that time.

And my middle-class family still has high hopes from me.

No one even knows the skating game.

If someone asks what game I play, I have to describe them in detail.

People do not even know the game.

I say everyone should know our game.

We should also get the facilities from the government.

We deserve it!

Also, it means that a child of a middle-class family only can dream about skating.

So I say that the government should give importance to our game at the national level giving all kinds of benefits to nurture talent in this sport.

I want to bring a gold medal for my country in inline hockey.

(Rajvinder Kaur)

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Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph | #Sports




Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph

My hobbies include racing, racing, and well….racing.

I started dirt track racing in 2018 and I race both Flat karts and Champ karts.

In my racing career, I have raced 56 Features.

I hold 24 First place finishes with 22 podium finishes and races all over New York at several tracks.

Also, I have traveled out to Nebraska to race with Forward Bite and Down South to race the Burris Blue Grey race series.

Stay tuned for future travel adventures!

I also love to paint, sing, dance, and eat pickles and cheeseburgers!

I am homeschooled.

So, I have the freedom to travel to races and practice when I need to.

I am a happy-go-lucky little girl with a big personality.

I look for the positive in any situation.

But most importantly, I am a go-getter.

I set goals and I make them happen!

I have partnered with ForwardBite:

  • Brand Ambassador with Red Line Ace.
  • Brand Ambassador with Go Fast Girls.
  • Junior member with Shift Up Now.

There are several amazing supporting sponsors who help me along in my racing journey.

I also look forward to the opportunities to grow new long and mutually beneficial business relationships.

I have been told by my competitors to “stay home, play with your dolls, and leave the racing to the boys”.

My goal is to change the motorsports ratio.

I always look forward to the pouts on their faces as I tighten the bow in my hair while taking my victory lane photos…

I want all girls to know that if you possess the drive and passion that you can make anything happen. Go get em’ girls!

Someday I will be out there driving a 410 Sprint Car.

“Someday my signature will become my autograph”

Want to follow my racing adventures?

I promise it’s gonna be a wild ride!

(Addisyn Roger)

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Yoga at home during lockdown | #Sports




Yoga at home during lockdown

I love yoga from a very young age.

However, due to other responsibilities and priorities, I could not give proper time to Yoga.

I got married 10 yrs back, then a kid in a year then some restless years, and then another kid a few years back.

Above that, I had a very serious knee injury that was one of my strong mental obstacles.

But above all, the biggest issue was with my mindset that I had accepted the situation and I accepted my body that could not do yoga as I wanted.

Then, lock down happened!

It was probably the “me time” I always wanted.

No school, no office, no daily fast life routine.

What to do?

So, my subconscious convinced my consciousness that there is one thing that I always wanted to do.

That thing I always admire, I always follow on social media.

That is Yoga.

I started doing it at home when my kids were sleeping. Sometimes it was in the afternoon at 2 pm, sometimes at midnight at 2 am.  

But trust me, every time it was worth giving up my sleep and doing it.

As someone said, your real dreams don’t let you sleep.


I was doing basic earlier.

However, slowly I found that I could do better if I push myself.

In a lockdown, I had all the time on this earth to do it.

Then I searched some online profiles with similar interests on Instagram and YouTube.

Started following some Hatha yogis. I watched them. Then I tried it myself and so many times doing it.

So many times I was disappointed, still every time I was progressing.

Learning on your own self was not that easy but surely it was amazing fun.

After many many trials, I started doing what I wanted.

They were my “Yessss” moments.

I started loving that feeling. I started challenging myself.

Fortunately, my body and mind also supported and started getting better.

Guess what?

My obstacles have vanished now. My knee pain is gone. My kids and family supporting me in doing yoga. 

Even they started doing the same.  I m getting words of admiration even from unknown people on the internet.

Trust me, it works as fuel to my passion.

I have started living my life again. And I have found what I love the most. I still challenge myself every day.

It goes on.

(Bhavi Doshi)

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Putting Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes | #Sports




Putting Yourself in Someone Else's Shoes

Not many years ago, I was doggedly working on my management career in a global corporation.

I was a classic workaholic, desperately wanting to succeed at my job, that my own ambition stood in my way.

Stubborn and competitive.

I completely forgot about my work-life balance, ultimately started to disrespect my body, health, and nutrition and at some point, found myself on a direct road to burnout.

I admitted to myself that something needs to change.

In the middle of my weight loss and rebalancing journey, I fell in love with Zumba.

The concept helped me improve my fitness and injected me with tons of good vibes, even changing my mindset and how I react to situations that used to frustrate me. 

I wanted to share this experience with my colleagues and teams and started looking for a Zumba instructor to offer corporate classes in our company. 

And suddenly it hit me, why can’t this actually be me?

This was 2.5 years ago. Best decision I ever made.

Today I’m grateful to be part of a unique and highly empowering global fitness community.

I’m teaching several classes per week, organizing charity fitness events, and meeting new people every day.

And the best part: this was never in the way of my job or my career.

On the opposite, becoming an instructor helped me to grow into a better person, manager, and leader.

Yet, I’m leading a double life as a Zumba instructor and commercial director.

Different roles, same values.

I often hear that this combination is odd.

Also, I better not reveal both sides to my team, customers, or students because they won’t take me seriously.

Yet, I believe in authentic leadership and competence, and I let my followers judge.

Becoming an instructor taught me more about leadership, motivation, discipline, and community building than any other management training.

So why shrink or hide yourself to fit into someone else’s mindset?

(Viktoria Becher)

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We are women – | #Sports




We are women -

Since I became a mother, my life has completely changed. My goals, my focus, my motivation, my concerns, my entire life.

I’m Eva, and I’ve been living for 38 years in a life where everyone is looking for something that makes them happy and motivates them.

I found my motivation and my moment for running after becoming a mother.

I felt so many new sensations when I had a child, but at the same time, I suddenly found myself taking on a whole new responsibility in my life forever.

Many duties to do and my own personal time has been reduced exponentially.

Since my 20s, I have found the real fuel I needed in the sport.

I love running, indoor and outdoor training (whatever training, such as HIIT).

Since that age, good and bad things have happened in my life.

However, I never gave up running or training because it made me feel happy and more confident.

It was and is like medicine for me.

In 2019, I ran my first half marathon. I had been training for it for two months. I adjusted my diet and most importantly I kept telling myself “I can do it, I will do it”.

I achieved one of my goals and then I was left wanting more. I always say that running or any other kind of sport is like an addiction because you need to improve, that is, your body needs it.

It’s just crazy!

Nowadays, I work full time far from my home, which makes me feel too tired.

However, I made a deal with my husband to organize our day around our son so that we can have some time to ourselves.

Sometimes it’s hard because I’m exhausted, but I go to the gym or go for a run just because it’s my time to be alone.

In fact, it’s my therapy.

After the lockdown, I created a running profile on Instagram to share my passion with others.

I could see how many other female runners there are and, more importantly, how many other mothers share this passion and explain their stories about being a mother.

We are women!

However, we don’t have to spend all our time at home doing housework because we deserve to have time for ourselves.

My workouts are two days a week with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) training and two days for running.

Maybe when my son grows up, I will have more time.

But for now, it’s enough for me, so I want to be with my son as well.

I’m just grateful to write my little piece.

I hope it will inspire others to follow their passions and find their moments of solitude.

Your mind and body need it.

(Eva Duran)

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Every single person has made sacrifices | #Sports




Every single person has made sacrifices

While growing up, I was always involved with sports or just being active playing outside.

I started with football as a kid, then later got into basketball and rugby.

The first time I played rugby was when I was 12 and I fell in love with it ever since.

I ended up choosing rugby over football and some people didn’t like that.

There was fun in rugby and I was fully invested in it.

I was able to get a rugby scholarship at Notre Dame College when I was a senior in high school.

Going to college for rugby was the next challenge for me to take on.

I knew I was going to be far away from home from California to Ohio, but it was something that I had to finish through.

My passion for rugby continued to grow at college as well.

My freshman year of college is when I first acknowledged that I wanted to play rugby at the highest level.

From then on that’s when I kept working on my craft and even still today.

The rugby journey along the way is even better because I’ve built so many bonds throughout my career.

My college teammates became brothers because we wanted to create a legacy and we worked countless hours with each others.

Rugby in general has a welcoming feeling you get when you’re with one another.

After graduating from college I first got involved with the Men’s National Sevens Team for rugby.

I’m going on my second year with the team and I love it.

It means a lot to play on this team and for the country because I know where I started from now.

I started playing rugby with the SouthBay Spartans when I was 12 and that’s where everything began for me.

Now rugby is only getting better with time in the US with having World Cups and Olympics to look forward to.

Rugby has created opportunities for me that I will always appreciate.

There’s a lot of sacrifices that are made for rugby.

It’s all worth it!

(Marcus Tupuola)

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