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Space Jam Premieres With NFTs, Buffalo London Collabs With The Fabricant, Harry Potter Store Gets New VR Experiences, American Express Gets Into NFTs | #Business



Space Jam Premieres With NFTs, Buffalo London Collabs With The Fabricant, Harry Potter Store Gets New VR Experiences, American Express Gets Into NFTs

Even though we took a short summer break, metaverse-related news didn’t slow down. Metaverse Weekly is now back to its regular schedule and you can expect every Sunday. This edition includes news from brands like Zoom, Barclays, Twitter, Brookfield Properties, Roblox, Sony Music and more.

Space Jam Brings A New Legacy: NFTs

In 1996 Space Jam brought fans fast food meal toys and collectible cards. Now, Space Jam: A New Legacy brings NFTs. The launch of Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs happened on Nifty’s and was financially supported by Dapper Labs and Samsung Next. Any person registered at Nifty’s would receive a free NFT and the opportunity to purchase any of the 91,000 Space Jam NFTs that have been minted for the launch of the movie. The Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs have been sold out by now, and hopefully, a new collection will be released soon. 

South Korea Launches Metaverse

SK Telecom launched a “metaverse” virtual environment and looked forward to transforming it into a forum for collaborations. The virtual environment is known as “Ifland,” which offers users to visit 18 different virtual spaces surrounded by conference halls, outdoor stages, and rooftops that can hold 190 participants. Users can choose a wide variety of virtual avatars with 800 customizable virtual items such as costumes and hairstyles. Also, avatars can express their feelings by choosing 66 emotional expressions. Sk Telecom is looking forward to increasing the number of participants who can share a virtual room. Now the collaboration is restricted only by sharing PDF documents and MP4 video files. 

Barclaycard And Capital Launch AR-Powered Campaign

Barclaycard and media group Global are promoting the “Capital up close with Barclaycard” campaign featuring pop singer Anne-Marie. The campaign offers outdoor, radio, digital audio and interactive 3D AR experiences to generate expectation and publicity ahead of the first live event on Wednesday July 28. From July 12, users can hold their smartphone cameras up to a “Capital up close” ad on a Global billboard that will unlock Anne-Marie inviting to the live music event and how anyone can win tickets to the event hosted at London’s Under The Bridge venue. The AR activation will also be available as an Instagram interactive filter to radio station Capital’s followers. The AR experience was built with WebAR technology where Anne-Marie’s digital twin was captured using volumetric video technology. 

Wyoming Approved The First Legally Recognized DAO In The United States

Wyoming is becoming a crypto pioneer. The American CryptoFed DAO was recognized as a legal entity by Wyoming’s Secretary of State’s office. Mobile banking solutions provider mSHIFT created the American CryptoFed DAO. CryptoFed DAO looks to facilitate fee-free transactions by the Ducat, CryptoFed DAO’s token.  The Ducat is based on EOS, a third-generation blockchain established on the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm (DPoS) to achieve high-speed transactions at low power consumption. The DAO also released a governance token called Locke, which stabilizes the Ducat token. The American CryptoFed DAO issued both tokens in consent with the Token Safe Harbor Proposal 2.0. Wyoming became the first state to pass legislation into law recognizing DAOs as a distinct form of limited liability companies. 

NICE Establishes A Robo Ethical Framework For Applying AI To Customer Service

AI-powered interaction analytics company NICE, which stands for Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering, published an ethical framework for applying AI to customer service. NICE is a provider of the Robotic Process Automation  (RPA) platform immersed with machine learning algorithms employed in call centers. NICE’s mission is to guide how best to operate robots alongside humans in a call center environment without replacing humans. The guiding principles for the framework are: Robots must be designed for a positive impact, robots must be free of bias, robots must safeguard individuals, trusted data sources must drive robots, and robots must be designed with holistic governance and control. NICE includes a copy of this framework with every license of its Robotic Process Automation platform that it sells. 

Zoom Acquires AI Translation German-Based Company Kites

Videoconferencing Company Zoom announced the acquisition of Kites GmbH, a startup developer of AI-powered language translation technologies in real-time.  The terms of the deal are not publicly known. Kites’ team will remain in Karlsruhe, Germany, working with Zoom’s engineering team to build translation features for Zoom users. Kites provides to deliver leading translation accuracy with low latency. Kites offers transcripts, and translated texts appear in real-time before speakers can finish their sentences. It self-corrects if it identifies a better interpretation after additional context. Its system has an error rate of about 5%, with nearly a one-second delay behind a person’s speech. 

Marvel Fans, Assemble. NFTs Collectibles Are Coming

Marvel Entertainment announced a new collaboration with digital collectibles company Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited to build and launch NFT digital collectibles through Orbis’ mixed reality app, VeVe. Marvel fans will purchase and interact with Marvel NFT collectibles like 3D statues and digital comic books. The VeVe app is now available on iOS and Android allowing users to buy “Gems,” Marvel’s currency, for buying and selling official Marvel NFT collectibles with others at VeVe’s secondary marketplace. Users will be able to display their collection through customizable virtual showrooms. 

Design And Mint Your Sneakers With Cryptokickers

Cryptokickers launched Sole Selector, a new platform that allows users to design and mint their own NFTs sneakers on the Solana blockchain. Users can select between many styles for laces, soles, and accessories, customizing colors and patterns. The sneakers’ price will be around from $50 to $150 per pair, depending on the customization level and Solana’s SOL token price. Since launching, 364 pairs of NFT sneakers have been minted with the Sole Selector platform earning a total of 590 SOL (US$19,930) approximately. Cryptokickers’ vision is to soon these sneakers can be avatar-wearable.

Roblox Partners With Sony Music

Roblox announced its partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, an opportunity for both companies to work together to create music experiences for the Roblox community. Also, there are opportunities for Sony Music artists to reach new audiences and generate revenue. Roblox and Sony Music Entertainment have been working together on previous projects, such as the first virtual concert with Lil Nas X in 2020 and in May 2021, the Zara Larsson Launch Party. Both companies are looking forward to expanding commercial opportunities to merge music and gaming. 

VR Experience “Madrid Noir” Now Available In Oculus Quest

Madrid Noir” is a 45-minute mystery adventure that unfolds with a young woman called Lola as she searches for her missing uncle, who has been declared dead. Real-time creative animation studio No Ghost and VR/AR immersive experiences company Atlas V developed and produced “Madrid Noir” with the direction of James A. Castillo. “Madrid Noir” has been premiered at the Tribecca Film Festival 2021 and Annecy Film Festival 2021. The film is now available at the Oculus Store, and the official trailer features Madrid Noir’s Youtube channel. 

Sensorium Galaxy Welcomes Charlotte De Witte To PRISM World

Sensorium Galaxy is bringing a series of exclusive VR shows within the metaverse’s virtual PRISM venue. Sensorium Galaxy has teamed up with David Guetta, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Black Coffee, and Eric Prydz. The next artist added to the lineup is the Belgian techno artist Charlotte de Witte. The performance will include AI avatars, unique aerial perspectives, and interactive experiences, making a lifetime show. A sneak peek of Charlotte de Witte’s show is available on Sensorium Galaxy’s Youtube channel.   

Budweiser Signed On As VaynerNFT’s Flagship Client

Gary Vaynerchuk launched VaynerNFT, a consultancy to help brands plan, strategize, and execute NFT strategies. Budweiser has already signed on as a flagship client of VaynerNFT. Budweiser is looking forward to inviting influencers and fans to join innovating experiences with them, bringing NFTs to life. VaynerNFT will work with Budweiser and other clients to educate them on NFTs’ potential for marketing and launch plan strategies for long-term NFT projects. Also, VaynerNFT will help brands choose a correct blockchain, build a community around NFTs, generate a PR strategy to grow excitement, and connect brands with vendors towards generating revenue from royalties. VaynerNFT is being lead by Avery Akkineni.

Kernel And Aim Lab Partner To Introduce Brain-Computer Interface To Esports

California-based neuroscience startup Kernel announced its second commercial partnership with Statespace, creator of Aim Lab, a training platform for eSports and video gaming. This partnership seeks to support Kernel’s Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) for performance improvement. The kernel startup contains two brain interface helmets, “Flow” and “Flux.” Kernel’s Flow helmet captures high-fidelity neural activity at record-breaking spatial and temporal resolutions enabling Aim Lab players real-time access to brain data which can be used to measure, track, and improve performance.  An upcoming event will launch the partnership where professional gamers will wear Kernel Flow while playing and training with Aim Lab. 

Superworld Hosts “Digital See” NFT Exhibition For Flint Water Festival

Augmented reality virtual world platform Superworld announced its partnership and participation with Flint Water Festival, dedicated to raising funds and awareness for safe water to communities affected by water crisis through charitable presentations. Superworld hosts the first AR Art Walk and social NFT exhibition called “Digital See” for the Festival. In the Exhibition, renowned local and international artists like Krista Kim, Marja Moghaddam, Isiah Lattimoore, and others will participate with its NFT artworks. The Festival began on July 2, 2021, at Flint’s historic Berston Field House with interactive activities and live music, along with Superworld’s NFT AR art drop, which showcased ten pieces that festival attendees could access through a QR Code and the Superworld app. “Digital See” is a free event starting on July 3, 2021, and will run through July 31, 2021. 

Metaverse ETF Lets You Invest In The Future Of Internet

Futurist and investor Matthew Ball and Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid Technologies with registered investment advisors and exchange-traded fund (ETF) sponsor, Roundhill Investments, have launched The Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF. The ETF allows people invest in companies making the metaverse happen now, or are situated to do so in the future.  People can invest in the companies listed in the stock, focusing on seven categories: virtual platforms, computing, networking, hardware, interchange tools and standards, payment services, and content services and assets. The mix of companies is managed by The Ball Metaverse Index, managed by Ball Metaverse Research Partners, and the ETF is designed to offer investors exposure to the metaverse by tracking before fees and expenses. 

 Artist Brings Lobsteropolis To Decentraland Metaverse

The British Neo-Pop Surrealist Artist Philip Colbert, sometimes referred to as the “Godson of Andy Warhol,” has taken his unique art style and Lobster alter ego to the metaverse. Philip Colbert is known for his lobster art and inaugurated Lobster Land with “Lobsteropolis” and “Lobster Land Museum” on the Decentraland Metaverse. Lobsteropolis City includes a gallery, museum, record shop, university, live concert venue, bank, coffee shops, and more, all in Colbert’s unique style. 

The ARIA Network Partners With Brookfield Properties And the MLBPAA 

Brookfield Properties is partnering with The Aria Network to offer augmented reality advertising inventory throughout its shopping centers nationwide. The deal gives The Aria Network exclusive rights to Brookfield Properties’ virtual air space, covering more than 150 million square feet in 100-plus locations across 42 states. Brookfield properties seek to appeal to tenants, brands, and guests from its shopping centers to create “phygital” advertising experiences. Other features include virtual mall directories, wayfinding in mall environments, immersive retail displays, touch-free transactions, and more. ARIA Exchange, The ARIA Network’s NFT exchange, also announced its partnership with Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA), to offer unique NFTs in tribute to the contributions of baseball legend players in sports today through game moments and personal experiences.

 Twitter Launches NFT Giveaway

On June 30, Social media platform Twitter posted: “140 free NFTs for 140 of you, besties,” referring to Twitter’s initial 140 character limit. Twitter has created a set of 7 NFTs, 20 copies each for a total of 140, viewable on the Rarible platform. The NFTs take the form of short video loops related to the platform. For example, “Building Characters” commemorates the tweet characters’ limit transition from 140 to 280. Twitter is currently randomly giving away the NTFs to anyone who replies to the original tweet about the release. However, some of these are already being resold on Rarible for thousands of dollars.

 Talewind Raises $800K To Develop Games For Roblox

 Talewind CEO started the company after working with Supersocial to launch Ghostopia on Roblox and being impressed with the ease of launch vs. mobile. The $800,000 will be used to expand the studio and support future games on Roblox. The companies first game Breezy Bay described as Animal Crossing meets Runescape, is “coming soon.”

Buffalo London Collab On Digital NFT Sneakers

The 90s cult footwear brand Buffalo London & digital fashion house The Fabricant revealed their new customizable and multi-layered virtual sneaker. To help popularize the release, a public QR code lets customers try on the shoe in augmented reality.

Mintable Raises $13 Million

Mintable has raised $13M in Series A funding from blockchain/NFT brands Ripple Labs, Animoca Brands, Metapurse, and Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer. The funds are to be used to expand Mintable’s operations and assist with new acquisitions and growth.

 American Express Launches NFTs

American Express is entering into NFTs and has started with images of “Good Days” R&B singer SZA, who was recently featured in a virtual concert hosted by the credit card company. Amex is selling 14 NFTs presenting the singer’s performance. NFT developer Fanaply sold the first 10 NFTs to concert attendees, and the other four were put on sale on July 12, 2021, to Amex cardholders. The first drop sold out. American Express intends to launch more NFTs in the future where users can gain crypto rewards on purchases. 

Harry Potter Store Introduces Two VR Experiences

Be a Hogwarts student, cast a spell with your wand, and fly on a broom! Harry Potter Store in New York introduced two location-based VR experiences developed by WarnerMedia in collaboration with Wevr, Keylight, and Dreamscape immersive. People can choose between  “Chaos at Hogwarts” to help out Dobby after accidentally releasing magic creatures by casting spells; or “Wizards Take Flight,” where people can join Hagrid’s best flying skills by battling Death Eaters through the skies. Each experience can be enjoyed by six players simultaneously. 

First Virtual Reality Water Slide Opens In The Poconos

Kalahari Resorts is hosting the first virtual reality waterslide. The resort partnered with Ballast VR to immerse visitors in this experience with a combination of elements where they can choose a space, safari, or dragons ride. Visitors can pick any of these rides, and then the attendant scans the passage into the headset; visitors wear the headsets and finally experience one thrilling adventure for $14.99 per person. 

Animoca Brands Grows Its Crypto Gaming Metaverse With The Walking Dead And NASCAR

Animoca Brands has made this week crucial partnerships to extend its crypto gaming presence. Animoca Brands teamed up with Skybound Entertainment to bring The Walking Dead comic Series into The Sandbox metaverse, which includes developing its characters and assets that players can use to create Walking Dead adventures. This partnership allows participants to purchase virtual real estate with the Walking Dead-related digital content and property. Animoca Brands has also signed up NASCAR champion Joey Logano as its global brand ambassador for the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, promoting their games and NFTs. Joey Logano will be promoting digital content in a REVV-branded driver suit and car, conducting media with meet and greet sessions, performing virtual live streams, and providing autographed products. As part of the agreement, Animoca Brands will create Joey Logano’s NFTs, including his helmet and logo, iconic racing moments, and unique car liveries. 

Rec Room Announces Avatar Update

Social VR platform Rec Room is releasing an avatar update that will allow users to buy more articulated avatar outfits that will add more flexibility to their look in the game. Each full-body animated costume will be created by other players and available for purchase via the platform’s in-game currency. In the coming months, Rec Room is preparing an Android version that will feature cross-play with supported platforms, including iOS devices, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Oculus Quest, and SteamVR-compatible headsets. 

Resolution Games Raises $25 Million

Resolution Games announced it closed a $25 Million Series C funding round, which Qualcomm Ventures and Bitkraft Ventures co-led. This round also includes previous investors such as Initial Capital and Sisu Game Ventures, among others. Resolution Games seeks to use the funding to build up its resources for supporting games like Blaston and Demeo. 

VividQ Raises $15 Million To Scale HoloLCD Technology

VividQ, a UK-based deep-tech startup with technology for rendering holograms on legacy screens, has raised $15 Million in a seed funding extension round to develop its technology for next-generation digital displays and devices. UTokyo IPC led the seed funding extension round and was joined by Foresight Williams Technology, Miyako Capital, APEX Ventures, and the R42 Group VC. The funding will be used to scale VividQ’s HoloLCD technology, which turns consumer-grade screens into holographic displays.

This edition of Metaverse Weekly was written with the help from Rob Crasco.

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Billie Eilish Dominates Spotify In America With Her New Album ‘Happier Than Ever’ | #Business




Billie Eilish Dominates Spotify In America With Her New Album ‘Happier Than Ever’

Just one day after Billie Eilish released her long-awaited sophomore album Happier Than Ever, the tunes featured on what will surely be one of the biggest full-lengths of the year have all become massive streaming wins for the young singer. In fact, Eilish dominates the ranking of the most-streamed tracks on Spotify in America as millions of fans rushed to hear what the Grammy winner has been working on for several years now.

Five Eilish tracks appear inside the top 10 on the ranking for Friday, July 30 (the day Happier Than Ever was released), giving her control over half of all the spots inside the highest tier on the tally. Up first among the bunch of just-dropped cuts is “Happier Than Ever,” which arrived with a music video and which may be the new focus of the campaign. That tune starts off at No. 4. “Getting Older” launches at No. 6, and her highest-ranking two titles are among the few songs that managed to rack up at least one million plays on Spotify in the U.S. in a single day.

New at Nos. 8, 9 and 10 are Happier Than Ever album cuts “Oxytocin,” “Billie Bossa Nova” and “I Didn’t Change My Number,” respectively. 

MORE FROM FORBESBillie Eilish Charts Three Top 10 Albums On A Billboard List She Knows Very Well

Interestingly, Eilish doesn’t appear anywhere between Nos. 11 and 20, though she claims quite a bit of real estate for herself just above that mark and right below it. The superstar’s sweep continues at No. 21, and the “Bad Guy” powerhouse fills 10 more slots inside the top 40, bringing her total number of wins in that important region on that single day to 15. 

Just one song from Happier Than Ever, the previously-released single “Therefore I Am,” misses out on finding space inside the top 40. That cut lands at No. 46, meaning her entire album appears inside the top quarter of the 200-rung tally.

Here’s a look at where all of Billie Eilish’s songs rank on Spotify’s U.S. chart for Friday, July 30.

MORE FROM FORBESNew Singles From BTS, Post Malone, Justin Bieber And Billie Eilish Are Competing For Hot 100 Dominance

No. 4 – “Happier Than Ever”

No. 6 – “Getting Older”

No. 8 – “Oxytocin”

No. 9 – “Billie Bossa Nova”

No. 10 – “I DIdn’t Change My Number”

No. 21 – “NDA”

No. 22 – “Goldwing”

No. 23 – “Halley’s Comet”

No. 25 – “Lost Cause”

No. 27 – “My Future”

No. 35 – “OverHeated”

No. 36 – “My Responsibility”

No. 37 – “Male Fantasy”

No. 38 – “Everybody Dies”

No. 40 – “Your Power”

No. 46 – “Therefore I Am”

MORE FROM FORBESThe 2020s Decade Belongs To BTS On The Hot 100

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Director Kim Seong-Hun Was Drawn To ‘Kingdom’s Original Take On Zombies | #Business




Director Kim Seong-Hun Was Drawn To ‘Kingdom’s Original Take On Zombies

It was an invitation from writer Kim Eun-hee that prompted director-screenwriter Kim Seong-hun to consider directing the historical zombie series Kingdom. He so admired her previous film and drama work that a chance to collaborate was hard to resist. Since signing on, he’s directed two seasons of Kingdom, plus the 2021 special episode Kingdom: Ashin of the North

“I loved all of her works before Kingdom, but among all of them, I particularly loved the film Once in a Summer and the TV series Signal,” said Kim. “I struggle so much to complete a scenario for a two-hour film, procrastinating as much as I can, and I can’t help but find myself impressed by how diligent she is as a writer and also amazed by her ability to write such long and tight stories with a fresh perspective and captivating plots. I’d already known her so well even before we started working on Kingdom (and we used to encourage each other when we didn’t have much going on as creatives). We became better drinking buddies after working on Kingdom. I think that should be enough to explain how our collaboration has been.” 

The story of Kingdom also impressed him and the fact that it would be the first Korean drama Netflix


“I was curious about the combination of historical drama and zombies and doing a longer story than what I was used to,” said Kim. “Lastly, I was curious about what it’s like to work with Netflix. Back in the summer of 2016, when I was offered the project, Netflix was still a very new platform in Korea with a limited number of subscribers. But I was told that Netflix prioritizes and respects creative freedom and so I wanted to experience what it was like. In the end, it turned out to be an experience that satisfied all of my curiosity.”

The story of the zombies’ creation and the plot’s inherent social messages intrigued Kim. In Kingdom greedy government officials are indifferent to the struggles of the nation’s least powerful people, leaving the poor more vulnerable to the zombie plague. The officials don’t want the crown prince to take the throne and do all they can to subvert his efforts to stop the zombies.

“The monsters were created by the corrupt leaders’ endless greed for power and extreme hunger of the ordinary people,” said Kim. “I thought the premise of the story was more tragic and fascinating than any other zombie series or films I’d seen. As a director, I felt that there was ample room to try new things in terms of genre and themes.” 

Ashin was not a character in the first two Kingdom seasons nor in the webcomic Burning Hell Shinui Nara that inspired it, but adding the character did provide some backstory. 

“I received the treatment for Kingdom: Ashin of the North while we were filming season two of Kingdom,” he said. “It was about five pages long, and I remember calling writer Kim Eun-hee as soon as I was done reading it. I complimented her and said, ‘How on earth did you come up with this? You’re a genius.’”

Directing a multi-season storyline was a different experience than directing a film. Before Kingdom, Kim was best known for writing and directing the box office hit A Hard Day, starring Lee Sun-kyun and Cho Jin-woong. The film earned him Best Director awards at the 51st Grand Bell Awards and 51st Baeksang Arts Awards, as well as Best Screenplay at the 15th Busan Film Critics Awards and the Blue Dragon Awards. After A Hard Day, he directed Tunnel, also a critical success.

“The unique advantage of directing a multi-season series is that I can make up for what I felt was missing in a given season and challenge myself to make it better in the next one,” said Kim.

However a project can still leave him with some regrets. Was the project really his best effort? Could he have made the characters more interesting?  

“With a series that has multiple seasons, I feel like I’m given another chance at making a story better; it’s as if I have a list of items that I wish I had done better, and then I’m given an opportunity to put them into action. Of course, even after I’m done with a new season, I sometimes find myself struggling with the same problems from the previous season. It’s like getting a mathematical question wrong in an exam in high school and then getting the same question wrong in the next exam.” 

Kim has been described as a meticulous director but he modestly prefers to modify that description by saying he only strives to be meticulous.

“What I found challenging as I worked on the two seasons of Kingdom was the sheer amount of filming required and the density of the story,” he said. “Before Kingdom, I’d been used to packing an entire story into about two hours, and so, having to adjust the pace of working on a longer story was new to me. I’d describe it as a sprinter having to run a long distance. I wanted to bring the best of both worlds to the series, but I’m still a bit unsure if I was successful.” 

Kim doesn’t know whether Ashin, played by Gianna Jun, will appear in future seasons of Kingdom alongside series stars Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doona and Ryu Song-ryung. Given the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, he’s also not sure about his own plans. 

“I’m preparing a film, called Kidnap, which has been delayed for production due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and I’m scheduled to start filming in Morocco early next year. If things go as planned without any disruption due to Covid-19, I think the film will be released towards the end of next year or in the summer of the following year.” 

After that film, Kingdom will hopefully return so viewers can find out if the zombies win.

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How to Use Milestones to Map Your Customer Journey | #Business




How to Use Milestones to Map Your Customer Journey

Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m doing a solo show where I’m talking about some of the concepts in my newest book, The Ultimate Marketing Engine: Five Steps to Ridiculously Consistent Growth.

Key Takeaway:

In a previous episode, I talk about creating a Customer Success Track. And in this episode, I’m diving into one element of the Customer Success Track — milestones. The idea behind the Customer Success Track is that you develop a roadmap for the stages your customers can go through based on where they are today and based on what their desired outcome is.

Each of those stages in the Customer Success Track has milestones that make it clear what they need to accomplish in order to reach the next stage. In this episode, I’m going to map out a very clear picture of how to develop these milestones for your customer journey.

Topics I Cover:

  • [1:02] The idea behind the Customer Success Track
  • [1:48] What milestone marketing is
  • [2:37] Creating a clear picture of developing milestones
  • [2:41] Breaking out our stages of the channel work that we do: website, content, SEO, social media, email, paid search
  • [4:12] Assessing your customer’s milestones in the foundation stage
  • [10:16] Integrating all channels
  • [11:23] Getting access to the Ultimate Marketing Engine Companion Course

Resources Mentioned:

More About The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network:

Like this show? Click on over and give us a review on iTunes, please!

This episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is brought to you by Fiverr Business.


Fiverr Business connects your team with expert freelancers and provides a powerful workspace to manage all your projects and budgets more efficiently. You get access to a curated catalog of top outsourced talent in 500+ categories – already vetted for quality and experience. You can create projects, approve budgets, and manage your freelancing activity in one workspace.

They help you need to succeed by providing you with designated Business Success Managers to help all your accounts match with the right talent for every task and make the most of each tool for success while providing priority customer support. Sign-up for Fiverr Business for free.


Free eBook 
7 Steps to Scale Your Consulting Practice Without Adding Overhead

The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network has helped me to grow my business by over 40% in the last 12 months. ~ Michael Quinn – Michael Quinn Agency, Fargo, ND

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Business Trip Abroad? How To Make The Most Of Long Haul Flights | #Business




Business Trip Abroad? How To Make The Most Of Long Haul Flights

The prospect of a long haul flight where you are stuck inside a cramped plane for hours on end is not particularly thrilling, even when you know the end destination will make it all worth it. With the booming business district of Beijing around 11 hours from London Heathrow and the United States of America around eight hours away, some business trips can get off to a slow start.

So how do you turn the situation to your advantage and get the most you can out of long haul flights?

Get your nose down

A plane is the perfect place to get some work done, primarily because you are confined to your seat and because you have hours ahead of you with nothing else to do. Make the most of your travel time by taking your laptop and key documents onto the plane and getting your head down to finish that big presentation or tie up any loose ends. You’ll step off the plane feeling fully prepped and ready to go with a less cumbersome to-do list.

Remember to take USB sticks and any other gadgets you might need with you as well as headphones to block out any unwanted noise that could prove distracting.

Familiarise yourself with your destination

Whether you’re spending 24 hours or a whole week in your destination, it is well worth making sure you have at least a basic knowledge of the culture so that you know what to expect. Not only will you know how to conduct yourself but you will also impress the clients you have flown out to meet, especially if you can master a couple of phrases.

Get hold of a guidebook before you board the plane and get up to speed before you land.

Kick back and relax

Chances are, you’ve been incredibly busy in the run-up to a business trip and you’ll be rushed off your feet when you arrive at your destination, whether you need to prepare for a presentation or meet up with new or long-standing clients.

A plane is the only place you are not expected to be able to reply to emails, calls or texts so enjoy the peace and quiet and take some time to yourself before the madness begins when you’re back on solid ground!


Get some shut-eye

You might want to use this time to sleep, firstly to starve off boredom and secondly to help you adjust to your new time zone. Figure out beforehand how much you should sleep, taking into account the duration of your flight, the departure time and the local time of arrival.

Once you have considered all of the inputs, you can formulate a sleeping strategy. Remember to pack the appropriate gear into your hand luggage to help you drop off to sleep, including a comfortable travel pillow, masks and earplugs to shut out light and noise.

Whether you are planning to sleep or work, it might be worth considering the benefits of an aisle seat, where you won’t be disturbed by row-mates who need to stretch their legs or use the facilities.

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Kim Eun-Hee Shares Her Reasons For Adding Ashin To ‘Kingdom’ Storyline | #Business




Kim Eun-Hee Shares Her Reasons For Adding Ashin To ‘Kingdom’ Storyline

When screenwriter Kim Eun-hee created the webcomic Burning Hell Shinui Nara in 2015 , she had no idea it would become a hit Netflix

series only four years later. The first season of the historical zombie series Kingdom aired in 2019, followed by a second season and a 2021 special episode Kingdom: Ashin of the North. The special episode, referred to as a “sidequel,” stars Gianna Jun aka Jun Ji-hyun, but that character did not exist in Burning Hell Shinui Nara.

When Kim wrote the webcomic, she had not yet created the character whose tragic mistreatment plays a crucial role in spreading the zombie plague. It is Ashin who discovers the resurrection plant that can bring the dead back to life and uses it as an instrument of her revenge.

“I started working on the character Ashin, as I was working on the screenplay for season two,” said Kim. “I was thinking about how the resurrection plant, which mostly thrives in cold weather, made its way down to the south, where there are four different seasons, and arrived at the idea that somebody might have spread it. From then on, I continued to think about why that person would’ve spread such a dangerous plant and eventually created Ashin.”

Unlike some other characters in Kingdom, Ashin is not interested in stopping the zombie plague because humans have treated her badly. 

“Ashin is someone who has so much knowledge about the resurrection plant and a lot of grief and resentment (or “han” in Korean),” said Kim. “While the main characters of season one and two were trying to prevent the spread of the infectious disease, Ashin has the opposite goal. If season three is produced in the future, it will be the biggest danger to the crown prince and Joseon, leading to the drama’s tension.”

K-drama fans who know Jun only from her roles in the fantasy rom-coms Legend of the Blue Sea or My Love From Another Star might not immediately envision her in such a serious role, but Kim was well aware of Jun’s range and abilities. Kim also created the screenplay for Jirisan aka Cliffhanger, Jun’s next drama.

“Gianna Jun has incredibly wide range as an actor—she was bubbly and lively in My Sassy Girl, but in Assassination she also proved that she can bring to life a very strong character with a lot of depth,” said Kim. “She also has very good physical skills to pull off action scenes. I thought she was the best actor for Ashin, who carries a lot of pain in her heart, and so I envisioned Gianna Jun playing Ashin from the time when I was working on the screenplay.”

Kim diligently researches the projects she works on and that has contributed to the success of previous hits, such as Signal, which won Best Screenplay awards at both the 2016 APAN Star Awards and the Baeksang Arts Awards.

“I consider research the most important part of working on a screenplay,” she said. “In order to create the character Ashin and get into her head to understand what her priorities are, I had to study the characteristics of the northern regions of Joseon. The research process takes a lot of effort, but the more you research, the more dimensions you will be able to add to your character.”

Still, the character of Ashin was not difficult to create. 

“I always have to write and revise my work like my life depends on it,” said Kim. “Of course, there are moments where I get to create a character whose story arc comes relatively easily. And Ashin was one of those characters.” 

While Kim says she worked hard on the series and wanted it to be a success, she was “beyond excited” to hear that viewers outside of Korea also loved the series. 

“I’m very grateful and happy that they do and the positive feedback also gives me a sense of responsibility that I need to make the rest of the story better, assuming that I’m given the chance to continue to work on the series.”

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How To Use Business Storytelling To Captivate Any Audience | #Business





Marketing Podcast with Janine Kurnoff

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Janine Kurnoff. Janine is the co-founder of The Presentation Co and co-author of Everyday Business Storytelling: Create, Simplify, and Adapt A Visual Narrative for Any Audience 1st Edition.

Key Takeaway:

We’re living in a really noisy time where we’re constantly marketed to. Storytelling helps us break through the noise, and it helps us be heard in an authentic way — because in order to craft a narrative, you really have to walk in your audience’s shoes.

Business storytelling is this idea of taking the concepts of classic storytelling and then helping those of us in the business world make it practical and relevant. Janine Kurnoff has developed a simple, repeatable framework to help you turn your ideas and insights into an authentic, persuasive story. In this episode, Janine Kurnoff and I dive further into how to develop compelling business narratives.

Questions I Ask Janine Kurnoff:

  • [1:30] Why are all marketers telling us to tell stories?
  • [2:57] You have a very scientific, brain-driven framework for storytelling – can you unpack that a little bit?
  • [4:21] Out of the four signposts of a good story (settings, characters, conflict, and resolution) what are the ones people screw up the most?
  • [5:32] Can you give me an example of setting, character, and conflict?
  • [7:26] What role does the storyteller play?
  • [9:17] Do you always need conflict and do you have to create conflict when it doesn’t exist?
  • [12:13] When you’re giving people advice on what they should and shouldn’t do in their slide decks, what are the five things they should never do?
  • [14:20] Is there a difference in how presentations should be done depending upon the audience size or location (Zoom or in-person)?
  • [19:55] Where can people find out more about your work and your book?

More About Janine Kurnoff:

More About The Certified Marketing Manager Program Powered By Duct Tape Marketing:

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